Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homemade Fall Decorations

The kids and I made some fall decorations for inside the house this year. 
I think they all turned out pretty cute! And they were all very easy to make with the kids, without looking like your kids made them.

Candy Corn Wreaths

I made these with Styrofoam wreaths wrapped in yellow streamers and hot glued candy corn on them. I hung them with a fun ribbon to add more flair! 

We put one in each window across our sunroom.

Up close view.

Candy Corn Decoration

These are made with Styrofoam cones and yarn….thats it! 
Wrap the yarn around the come and your done.

Up close view.

3 different sizes.

Fall Mantle

I did not make the wreath (wish I could say I did), but the girls and I did make the bean candles. 
I lit them on Friday night and they looked great!

View of the whole mantle.

Bean and Popcorn candles.

I just stuck a votive down in them.

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