Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carson's end of the school year highlights

As I write this Carson is at his last day of Pre-K. He has had a wonderful year, grown so much and made fantastic friends. Will will miss CASA next year for sure!

Pre-K Graduation

As each child received their "Diploma" they announced what they wanted to be when they grow up. Carson wants to be a pool builder who builds pools with watersides up to the clouds.

Carson took soccer and tennis after school this Spring. He LOVED them both!
He and his buddy Jack after the final soccer class.
Carson and one of his best buddies Thomas!

 End of the Year Party!

Yesterday was the end of the year party for the class. They had chik-fil-a for lunch, ice cream sundaes, water balloons and made tie-dye shirts! How much more fun could a preschool class have? What a FANTASTIC year this has been. This class was blessed with a WONDERFUL teacher!!

Ms. Karen's Happy Campers!

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