Sunday, May 31, 2015

Road Trip Entertainment

As most of you know, we recently traveled to Clearwater to check out the area for the first time. My kids are used to road trips, so the thought of 10 hours didn't really phase them, or me; the 5 of us are used to traveling together. A lot of people can't believe that my kids don't have electronics and wonder how they do on road trips. They do GREAT! We do have a DVD player and I usually get a new movie or two.  Their new favorite right now is Punky Brewster. But we usually don't end up watching to much (we only watched 1 hr on our 10 hour trip home).  I made them Road Trip Books for the trip. It kept them quite busy. I also got each child a new book to read (for big kids) or activity book (for little kids). 

Here is what I put in their books this time. I found everything online for FREE!

I had a pencil case with a crayons and pencils and a pen on each book.
There were some scavenger hunts and letter word games.

The kids enjoyed this one- find the restaurant 

I printed one of these pages for each. I could have printed a couple I think.

Highlights for Kids has several hidden picture pages you can print for free

KrazyDad has GREAT word searches for all levels

I also included several blank pages. 
My kids spent HOURS plain M.A.S.H., a made up game about how your life will turn out.

I found these little books on Amazon for about $1.00- $1.50 a piece. They had tons. Hidden pictures, state questions, find the differences, etc. I actually stashed these in my purse; they are tiny. I used them at restaurants. The kids loved them and they are the perfect size!

I hope some if these ideas work for you for your summer travels!

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