Friday, May 15, 2015

Meeka's May Highlights

May was a busy, busy month for all of us. Meeka certainly had a lot going on. Here are some of Meeka's May highlights!


She started out the softball season very timid. She doesn't feel confident when she is not sure of what is going on or what she should do. But as the season progressed, she got better and better and now loves the game! She was especially a great hitter! And she loved playing catcher. She had a great time with her teammates, who were a sweet bunch of girls!


Choir Concert

The school put on a choir concert for K, 2nd and 4th grades this lucky were we that all the kids were in one concert! Meeka had a soloist part and she did GREAT! 
Meeka and Marley and Krish ready for their solos.

Field Day

Field day was Friday, May 8th. It was a very full, hot and FUN day. Field day was very organized (which I loved). I volunteered and got to watch some of Meeka's field games, as well as relax and have Kona Ice with her.

Enjoying Kona Ice!
She has these boys wrapped around her finger.
They followed her like puppy dogs doing exactly what she said.

 Showstoppers Performance

Meeka is in Show Choir and they practice every Wednesday after school. She absolutely LOVES it! Their Spring show was entitled "Happy." Meeka and her friend Brenna had a little solo part together in the song, "Don't Worry Be Happy."


End of the Year Party

Meeka had her Kindergarten end of the year party yesterday. Her class had ice cream sundaes and played with bubbles and chalk. What a GREAT year she had!!! She progressed a lot this year and enjoyed it so much! In the beginning of the year she was not so sure about school, but she grew to LOVE it! She had a WONDERFUL teacher and we will miss her next year!

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