Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Montgomery, Alabama Field Trip

Yesterday Logan and I headed on a charter bus to Montgomery, the capitol of Alabama. We had a long full day exploring much of the history of the state. I am so glad that we got to go before we leave Alabama. And thankful for a lot of sweet friends who helped me make it possible to go with him! 

Kids on the Capitol Steps

The tour guide had the kids lie down in a circle and look up at the rotunda ceiling
as she told them about the paintings on the ceiling.

The rotunda ceiling

The bus ride.
It took about and hour and 45 minutes to get there on a bus.
We also got a little bus tour of the city of several landmarks which we didn't get to visit.

The schoolhouse in Old Alabama Town.
They had a whole town set up of authentic buildings which they had moved to that location and made into a village. There were actors there portaying real people in history. This was one of my favorite places.

The Bottle Tree
This was made to keep the spirits at bay

Logan enjoyed the history museum a lot; especially all the military memorabilia.

We also got the visit the Rosa Parks Museum; which is located on the exact spot where she was arrested. I enjoyed that museum as well, but no pictures were allowed. 

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