Monday, June 18, 2012

Camp Highlight Reel

Last week Logan, Melina, Meeka and I trekked out to the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania and went to Pine Spring Camp. The girls and I and my mom stayed together for 2 1/2 days and Logan stayed for the whole week by himself. We all went on an "Epic Journey" with Saul / Paul as we studied his Journey and transformation. A lot of FUN was had by all, but by the end of the Moms & Tots camp I was ready to come home. Logan on the other hand, at the end of his week, wanted to know if he could stay all summer…he was NOT ready to come home. 

Logan's Camp Journey

I led Logan to his cabin, placed his pillow on his bunk (he choose a top bunk), and then he was off….
only to be seen at meals (where he gave a small wave if I was lucky). When I packed up to go home it was a weird feeling knowing I was leaving my child in the hands of others, who I didn't really know, and trusting that they would take care if him. I was not worried or sad or scared…In fact I can not describe my feeling…it was just different. Of course he was fine and had the time of his life swimming, playing, rick climbing, hiking and studying God's word.  He won the Spider Monkey award for being the only camper in his camp to make it to the top of the rock wall. He talked the whole way home and then got home and crashed. I made him take a shower (he told me he only took a shower 2 times all week!!!!) and I scrubbed him from head to toe. Then we opened his suitcase and he has all these "clean clothes" left (really nothing is clean once it has been at camp even if it was not worn), so I know he not did not shower much, but he wore the same things over and over. And then the kicker…he pulls out his toothbrush and asks me to help him brush his teeth because he never found his toothbrush all week at camp, so he never brushed his teeth. Ahhh BOYS!!!!
Logan in front of the Pine Spring Camp sign…showing his enthusiasm for camp!

Logan and his counselors.

The Girls Camp Journey

The girls and my mom and I stayed together with 2 in a cabinet (as Melina called it) with 2 other girls and a mom and grandma. We had Mom/ Grandma only time in the morning studying Paul's Journey while the kids went off with their counselors and had Bible story time and craft time, etc. Then we met up for lunch and had pool, nature, craft and optional time in the afternoons. Then dinner and campfire and the counselors put the kids to bed and moms and grandma's has relaxation time. Melina won the High 5 Award, for always wanting to High 5 everyone. Meeka won the Enthusiasm award…can you guess why? It was a FUN two days with my girls. I think they enjoyed their time at camp. This was Melina's 3rd year in Moms and Tots and I think she is ready to go by herself next year. 

Game night after dinner on the first night

The Confidence Course…a mini obstacle course for the little ones.

Meeka going over the wall

Melina loved the zip line.

Meeka, not so much!

Bubble Blowing at the Campfire


It rained off and on while we were there.
Made for a stinky laundry when I got home!

They loved to walk through the puddles.

The girls went on a scavenger hunt one morning and collected items in their sacks from around the camp.

Craft time

One of the items they collected on their hunt was bubbles.
Meeka could not wait to blow them!

Melina was the Hoola Hoop Queen at the Carnival.

Meeka with her butterfly

Melina wanted to be a clown…how fitting!

Singing songs at their closing program.

During Mom time, I got to do the Giant Swing.
You are lifted 30 ft in the air and then you let go of the cord and swing!

And I climbed the Rock Wall.
I have to say I was proud that I made it to the top!

And I did this too. I made it to the top of this side too.
It was harder than the rock wall side because the ropes are not steady and you have to use your muscles to pull up form board to board on the top.

It was fun to be able to do "Kid Stuff" and just have FUN by myself!!

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