Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crossing things off the list

Ride Bike to Ritters

One of things on our Summer Bucket List was Ride Bikes To Ritters Frozen Custard. So yesterday while we had fantastic weather we decided to cross that off our list. We hopped on our bikes…or as you might notice from the picture the kids swapped bikes (nice pink bike Logan!) and rode over. Logan did great following the traffic rules and riding over…Melina not so much! She was not trying to be defiant or anything its just that the girl is in her own world and doesn't think things through. I say, "cross the street" and she crosses, but then does not go onto the sidewalk, but turns and rides up the street. Meanwhile, I am screaming "Melina!" and she turns to say, "What?" and goes into the middle of the road…ahhhhhh! And then she kept apologizing because she knew I was frustrated.
The poor girl…and her poor mommy (who got a couple gray hairs on this bike ride) made it to Ritters in one piece thankfully! The little ones enjoyed their ride in the bike trailer and kept telling me to go faster!

I really don't think they enjoyed their ice cream…do you?

And of course after our ice cream we had some play time before braving the ride home. All in all, it was a fun time, but I think we need to work on safe street riding a bit more before we attempt it again.

Visit a Splash Pad

Today the weather was bit hotter so we met some good friends at a Splash Pad for an afternoon of Water  and Playground Play. What a fun afternoon at the park! Once the kids got brave enough to jump in they enjoyed themselves thoroughly in the water. It was nice to be able to play in the water and then run to the park and back again.

All 4 of them went and had a GREAT time, but Logan was to fast for me to catch a picture of him in the water.

We finished off our evening with dinner at Noddles and Co. and then Yoba Frozen Yogart (we were Yoba virgins until tonight…I didn't know what we were missing!). Thanks Emma and Benjamin for bringing us into your yogurt cult! :)

And then the kids were full and happy and we sat in the shade and the kids played nicely their own made up game of hide-n- seek tag on the sidewalk in front of Yoba. It was such a nice moment to see them happy and playful just as kids should be. Don't ya wish every moment were like that?

Then of course on the way back so and so kicked so and so and so and so said this….guess nothing lasts forever, but i'll take the moments as they come and try to remember them when the going gets tough.

We still have a long way to go on our list, but so far Summer has been good to us. We are been having fun, relaxing and are HAPPY! What more can you ask for?

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