Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Jam Packed Weekend!

We had a very crazy weekend! One thing to the next to the next…Basketball, Cookie Selling, Going to the Theatre and Spending the night at the Cincinnati Museum Center! Needless to say by Sunday afternoon, while Michael was busy at work with his employee awards banquet, I was napping! And I am so glad yesterday was Presidents Day…another day to catch up.

Selling Girl Scout Cookies at a Booth for the First Time

Isn't She cute? Who could resist this? Not many….

The Little Prince

Before seeing The Little Prince at the Victoria Theatre, we attended a family workshop.
Everyone made sock puppets and then we learned how to puppeteer!
Practicing in the mirror with our puppets!
We even performed for the rest of the workshop. The kids really got into it!

After the show we got to see a bit of backstage and the set up close.

And we got to meet the cast of the show and ask them questions!!

Overnight at the Cincinnati Museum Center 

The evening started at 7pm with a "bat show"

The boys favorite part was going down to explore the cave!

In the cave, learning about stalagmites and stalactites  

Making Cave Art

Learning about the Ice Age

Wolf Cub Scout Buddies!

The boys also learned about mummies, which was a favorite too, and got to see and touch some animals. We also saw an Omnimax movie about caving before going him on Sunday morning. It was fun time and memorable experience for Logan!

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