Friday, February 1, 2013

Cub Scouts

 I was going through pictures from Cub Scouts this year because we are making scrapbook pages for our outgoing Cubmaster. We sure have done a lot this year in our Den. I decided to put some pictures together here, so I would have a compilation of what we have done so far. We will be finished with our Wolf Badge soon, and then we can work on Electives and Sports and Academic Belt loops. 

We made leaf paintings this fall

We did a corn maze. We thought we were doing the easy maze, but we actually did the hard maze.

We made treasure maps and had a hunt through the park

We went bowling

Den 3 & 5 at Sunwatch

Checking out the Indian Village at Sunwatch
We picked up trash along the bike path

We visited the Marine Base at Wright Pat.

The boys throughly enjoyed the tankers!

We learned about tools

And made bookends

We had the Space Derby

The boys with their rockets
We made RAK Cards and learned about kindness
We made presents for our parents
And then they learned how to wrap their
own presents and tie a  bow
We decorated cookies for the firemen

And delivered them to every fire station
in Beavercreek

Those who sold popcorn got to throw
pies in the Cubmasters face!

We made recycling robots

And of course the Pinewood Derby

Logan worked on his Religious Achievement and he spent hours
washing all the toys an wiping everything down in the
preschool room at church. 

And finally this week we visited the Beavercreek Police Station.
I am not sure who had more fun here, the kids or the parents!

I am looking forward to a great spring with the boys… who knows what we'll get into?

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