Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Candy Land

Candy Land has been the first game of each kid in our household. They have all enjoyed it. I remember playing on the coffee table with Logan before Melina could even pull herself up. But none have been so obsessed as Meeka! Not sure if it is because she has the biggest sweet tooth of the family or because she likes beautiful things, but we play Candy Land many, many times, EVERY day!!

And she is so funny when she plays. She LOVES Lolly; she calls her pretty girl. So at every turn she says, "What if I get pretty girl?" And then when its your turn, she says softly, "What is you get Gingerbread Man?" It is so funny!!!! She does sometimes try to stack the deck, especially when playing with sibling, but most of the time she plays by the rules, and although she loves to win, she is not a sore looser. Which makes the game even more fun, when you know that win or loose she is honestly happy to play! 

These are the memories that I want to remember, or at least when I am old and senile look back and remember,…"What if I get Pretty Girl?"

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