Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is what my kids are going to school with today. We have been working on Valentine's for about 2 weeks now. Each of them picked what they wanted and then I found a way to make to happen for them. All of them, were super cheep and pretty easy too!

For all the Awesome Teachers!

The kids made chocolate covered pretzels. 
My kids were Sprinkle happy!
See what I mean?

And then we packed them all up in these cute little boxes that they had picked out at Michael's


Of course, Dora was her first choice!

She decided she wanted bubble necklaces.
So I bought a package of  25 bubble for about $4 at Target and I already had the string.
I got this picture off the internet and just pasted it on word. The I printed them out and glued them to card stock…purple of course, since that's her favorite color!

For her class, we had to bring in sandwiches.
 So, since Peanut Butter is not allowed, of course we went with Cookie Butter!!
I made the red hearts with a food coloring pen that I already had on hand.


Melina is into Cootie Catchers these days.
I found this printable on the internet here.

It is too cute! It will be perfect for the Kindergardeners!
We bagged them all up, tied them with this tag, and she wrote her to and from's on the back.


And last but not least, Logan wanted Lego Guys again!
We printed these cards on card stock and embellished with crayon.

And the Lego guys are made from colored melting chocolate which I put in an ice cube tray in the shape of the guy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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