Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brag Post

Its no secret that we have had a rough transition here in Birmingham. We had a lot of unexpected and overwhelming things happen in our family, and that combined with leaving a place that was comfortable and where we were happy, made things even harder. But the kids are resilient, way more than I am admittedly at times, and they have stuck together and have had some great successes here! I want to share them, remember them, and even more, for them to look back and see what they accomplished, even when times were tough!

First, speaking of sticking together, this week was the Book Fair at school. I gave each of them money to spend, and each of them came home with 1 book for themselves and 1 for a sibling....how cool is that? I LOVE that they thought of each other and spent their money not just on themselves. I like to think deep down that says something about their character. YES, they do fight, but they are the best of friends too! They do LOVE each other!

The first month of school Logan won PE ACE, an award that goes to 2 boys and 2 girls in each grade that show good sportsmanship and follow the rules, etc. 

Logan was asked to her on the school science team. A hand selected group of about 15 kids in the school who will compete at competitions at local colleges. He goes in early on Friday mornings to practice for these competitions; and he LOVES it!! Science and Math are his favorite! He had his first competition this past Friday and his team WON 2nd place out of 12 teams in the catapult competition!!! He was so proud of himself and rightfully so!

He tested into the gifted program at school, after testing for the first nine weeks. He started last week and wishes he could do it everyday! I love that he will be challenged to think differently and creatively. 

He was a top seller of popcorn for cub scouts and we don't even have a network of people here to sell too. He got out al walked around the neighborhood one Sunday and got sales. 

He has also brought home several "recognitions" which are a special award that you get from the office, but can be given by any teacher in the school, for doing something extra well (behavior, academic, or anything above and beyond).

Jojo started off the move not only dealing with the alopecia but she tried out for the dance team here and did not make it. Dancing is her passion. She, of course, was devastated. But I told her if she was willing to work hard and really wanted it I would do anything it took to help her achieve her goal. So, I am shuttling to and from dance 3 days a week, Practicing walkovers in the basement with her, watching tap steps in the garage and turns and leaps across the family room...and its paying off for her. Her teachers are so happy and recognize her hard work, dedication and the fact the she is always happy and has a great attitude! The dance team choreographer told me last week week that she will for sure be dancing in competitions next year. For now, that is not something I am going to share with her, because this has been a GREAT lesson in hard work and dedication and the fact that she can approach it with the best attitude is fantastic!

Melina is also thriving at school. Her conference was wonderful and we are looking for even more ways to challenge her and her writing. She has earned several recognitions for her behavior and academics. When she earns a classroom reward she chooses to go to Meeka's Kindergarten class and read to them....how sweet is that?

Melina won the PE ACE award in September and was thrilled. She had been working hard to earn that after Logan won the first month of school and she did it! 

Meeka started Kindergarten this year and although she liked school, she didn't love it. She was not to sure about going every day and after a couple weeks wanted to know if it was over yet...um no...you only have 12 and 3/4 years to go! But after a couple of weeks she was in the game! The academics started clicking and she was fast and furiously progressing. And now her teacher says she has some of the best handwriting and reading in the class. I am her homeroom mom and go in to school for her class at least once a week; I think she is enjoying it as much as I am. 

Meeka has always been my child who if asked what she wanted to do (such as sports, etc.), she would say nothing; where my other children would do everything! This year she started dance and asks everyday if its dance day. She is also doing showstoppers, a show choir at school.

She also played soccer this fall and may have found her calling. She is a SUPURB little soccer player!! She is aggressive and can move with the ball and its actually fun to watch Kindergarten soccer!! She played on a team with some great girls and parents and we had a very fun season! The girls were the youngest team in the league and went undefeated in regular play. They lost their first game in tournament play to a team older than them, but then won and went on to play in the semi-finals. They lost in that round. We will try to keep these girl together in the spring; they are a wonderful group, played great together and had a lot of fun! 

Carson started Pre-K this year going to school 5 days a week and getting to pack his lunch too; just like the big kids.  He went into school without knowing many letters, couldn't write his name, or spell it, and honestly he had no desire to. My little man has grown so much in these past couple of weeks and is amazing me. He has a great teacher with lots of patience and willingness to let him learn at his own pace; and all of a sudden he has the desire to do it. I find him writing his name all over my stuff, but its cute-most of the time. Yesterday he pointed to his shirt, and said, "Im learning about this letter, I." And his teacher sent me a sweet note saying how well he was doing lately. So proud of him.

Carson also got to play soccer this fall and he could not have been happier to have something of his own; yet I think he enjoyed doing the same thing as Logan and Meeka do too! Of course 4 yr old soccer is a bit of a cluster, but he got out there and ran and scored some goals and was happy! Couldn't ask for any more! 

Are we still adjusting and working on making good friends, yes. But the kids are happy, which makes me happy!  

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