Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

     Its that time of year again...

            When the Indians invade my house...

And I never who to call what name...
                Are you Sun Girl or Bright Star...
                                Or just Meeka and Carson?

Meeeka's Feast

Meeka's Feast was Wednesday.
The kids picked their menu.
We made Green Beans and Cornbread muffins

Doesn't the room look cute?

As room mom I had the pleasure of helping the kids paint their Indian Shirts

The Little Indians sang 3 songs for us

Such a great group of kids!
And a wonderful teacher!

carson's Feast

My cute little Indian!

How adorable is this feast table!
We made turkey cookies for the feast
Zaxby's chicken would have been at the first Thanksgiving...right?!?
Indian buddies!!  

We have been working on delivering our Thanksgiving gifts too...homemade pumpkin scrub. The kids love making and giving it!

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