Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Bucket List

This weekend we made our Christmas Bucket List…. and fulfilled our first thing!

I added the last one (DeSoto’s Cavern Light Show) as a surprise for the kids! They had no idea where we were going yesterday, which always makes for a FUN ADVENTURE!

We have done a Bucket list for a couple years and it just adds to the excitement of the holidays and in the craziness of the holidays it ensures that we spend good quality family time together and we give back. For every fun thing we do, we try to do something for others too.

At the Cave Entrance

Beautiful Natural Beauty.
The Cave was 12 stories high

Can you spot Yoda in the formation?

Stalagmites and Stalactites

They had a lazer light show in the cave, the story of Christ, but none of the pictures from that turned out. The kids very much enjoyed it! 

After the cave we did some activities

Cave crawl
Panning for Gems
All 4 were very into this activity!

the maze
Afterwards we went to Gravity Hill...
Where your car rolls uphill backwards in
neutral...honestly...we did it...twice!

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