Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Sparkle Box

I think it’s important to teach my kids the power of giving back. Its something that I try to do all year long, but at Christmastime when the focus can turn to, "I want, I want...", I think its especially important for them to realize how much they have and how they can give. 

Last night we read The Sparkle Box and made our very own box. We will write down all the things that we do for others this Christmas Season and add them to our box. Then on Christmas, we can open it and remember what we did, and how we used our time, energy and resources to bless others in His name. 

This is a new adventure for us this year. We have done several things over the years and its fun to try new things and keep it fun and refreshing, but this may become a tradition. So far we have been able to add "Made Christmas cards for prisoners." We have several things on our bucket list, which will be great to add to the Sparkle Box, and we will see what else comes our way.

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