Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Party Time!

This week has felt like The 12 cays of Christmas crammed into 6...

We have had 4 school parties, 3 dance parties, 2 birthday parties, 1 cub scout party and a neighborhood event....

Which has resulted in 70 homemade snowman cups, filled with Christmas popcorn, and 30 tins of White Chocolate Chex Mix and lots of glitter and glue and FUN!


I planned a reindeer theme party for Meeka's class. 

The kids made these cute reindeer placemats, and we made reindeer food, which we put in reindeer bags that we made! 

And of course we had to
make and eat a reindeer
too out of chocolate donuts!
              Cute little Rudolph's!


I had the GREAT pleasure of just attending Logan's party! 

He had a Christmas brunch, where they made an ornament, played some trivia, decorated candy trees and of course ate brunch!


For Melina's party, I planned a Snowman Themed party!

The kids made snowman ornaments, made snowmen  (and reindeer) for snack and played a minute to win it snowman game!

4 yr. olds are just so full of
energy and pure JOY!

I just love this little bunch!

And their sweet parents too!


And last but but not least Carson's party!

We had pizza and fruit. Decorated gingerbread cookies, made ornaments, and reindeer food!

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