Monday, December 8, 2014

Zoo Lights...and more

We crossed a couple things off our 
Christmas Bucket List this weekend. 
We also added some things to our Sparkle Box!

ZooLight Safari

The Birmingham Zoo

Its SNOWING in Birmingham...just was 65;
which was why we went to see the jacket cold fingers and toes and nose!

This snowman talked to was fun!


Salvation Army Bell Ringer

This is not the best picture (looks like his eyes are closed) but I can assure you he was not asleep as he rang the Salvation Army Bell outside of Wal-Mart this weekend. They sang Christmas Carols the whole time and they made a lot of money.

...And More

This weekend we also took the kids shopping for gifts for their siblings and for Great Grammie. Michael took the girls and I took the boys as we bought 1 gift for each of the opposite sex. We decided to do this instead of spending a lot of money on the Holiday Shoppe at school, where they basically buy junk...and since we are not Alabama fans and that is half their merchandise we figured it would not be beneficial! 

The kids also gathered coats, hats and gloves that did not fit anymore and we are donating them today. 

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