Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to School Organization

With school in session and so many papers coming in and out we have to have a way to stay organized. I put together this wall as our command area, so everything has a place and kids can be responsible for their own stuff.


I used extra large command hooks for the backpacks. Are they the most, but they hold up well and are movable if need be. And there are no holes in the wall! The stickers above the backpacks are dry erase wall stickers that I got off of Amazon. I thought they would be fun to write cute messages or reminders, such as PE today, on them. 

Folder and Agenda Organizer

I bought this wall organizer off of Amazon. Its hard to find one with four slots, but this one is perfect! The school gives every child an agenda book which must be brought home nightly, and signed for the younger ones. and of course, we have homework and folders. So everyone can unpack themselves and I can go through their stuff and put back in the cubby what goes back to school. In the morning they know to take everything that's in their cubby and put it in their backpack. 


The kids like to know whats going on, so I put our family calendar in that spot as well. Its color coded so they know who has activities each day. I of course still use my trusty COZI app for my main calendar. I know I have raved about that app on here before; of your in need of a calendar for your device check it out. 

Bulletin Board

I have the Bulletin board there for school newsletters, birthday invites, etc. Those things that need easy access.


My sister-in-law got me those two frames. They make it easy to display the kids artwork. And of course, they love having it up! It can hold up to 100 papers, so you can just keep adding work to them. 

That's our little corner of school organization this year. Cheers to an organized and  FUN school year everyone!

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