Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week of Fun (before school started!)

Its been a busy summer with the move and all, and the kids were excited, yet nervous, about starting another new school. So we had some FUN the week before the school!

Busch Gardens

We got season passes, so we went to check it out for the first time.  I have to say, it was so nice to be able to go and not worry about "fitting it all in." We went with a relaxed attitude and just saw and did what we wanted. We came home later in the afternoon to have a relaxing evening at home; with the thought process that we can just go back in a couple of weeks. 
Logan and Michael on Falcons Fury

Up they go...before going down, down down....

The cool thing about Busch Gardens is that its not just rides.

This is the biggest tortoise I have ever seen.

Carson getting ready or his first roller coaster ride

Ready or not here we GO! 
He loved it! 

Beach Day

We decided to get some exercise and fun all at once. We packed a towel and a football and rode our bikes over to the beach. It's a 2 mile ride, so easy for everyone. After the beach we rode another 3/4 mile down the street to Candy Kitchen for some ice cream before heading home. We had a minor setback about a mile from home; Meeka's bike got a flat tire. The others rode home and Meeka and I had to walk our bikes the rest of the way. Thats reminds me...gotta get that tire fixed! 

I have to say it still amazes me that we can do this on a regular basis!

Checking out all the old fashion candy goods!

Soda Cap Wall

Candy bar wrapper wall

Old fashion toys...such a neat little shop!

Johns Pass

We decided to check out Johns Pass one day. Such a neat little area with shops restaurants, water sports and attractions. We had lunch on the water. Visited the alligator attraction, went to an arcade and had some ice cream! Yum and Fun!

 All but Carson (he was having nothing to do with holding an alligator) holding French Fry; 
a 4 year old alligator.

Going in for the kiss!

Meeka loved the tortoise!

What summer without more ice cream?

Lunch on the water; watching the boats and sea life

Water Sports Day

The day before school started we had a water sports day. We rented jet skis and went out on the Gulf. It was a beautiful calm morning and we got to get up close with the Dolphins. It was amazing! We ate lunch on the water and then picked up some kayaks and took them to our regular spot on the beach and everyone took turns taking rides out on the kayaks. It was also a great day for shells and sea life. 

Ready to head out

Taking a quick dip

My camera was in a baggie and I couldn't see what I was shooting, so its not the best picture, but it was an incredible thing to see them so close in the wild.

Check out this cool mollusk! 
The shell was Perfect!

I took Meeka and Carson out for a long ride. One lay on the front, the other on the back.
They had it made; napping, while I paddled.

And now....off to school!

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