Friday, August 14, 2015

My fitness journey

Fitness and working out has been a part of my life for a very long time. My goals have changed, and my time and ways of fitting it in have changed, as life has changed. I have had 4 babies and that has changed my body dramatically too, but I wouldn't change it for the world! They are a HUGE reason WHY I want to continue to be healthy. I want to be able to have the energy to keep up with them. To ride bikes, run and jump on the trampoline with them; to play sports outside and go on adventures! I want to be their example. Strong, healthy and fit can be fun!

This Spring I was thinking about what I can do that would be new. I like to mix it up. I have done p90x, Insanity and p90x3. Plus some other workout videos. I fall back into running as a default, which I really enjoy, but I need strength and agility too. I don't have time for a gym membership anymore, or even an hour a day sometimes. So when a friend of mine said she was doing T25, I decided to give that a try. My results are right here....for you all to see (stretch marks and all!). When you stick with it, it works. And in all honesty who doesn't have 25-30 minutes a day to better themselves? Make it a priority.

After moving, and all the stress that comes along with that; then having company and going on vacation, I am back at it. I am currently trying a t25 and p90x3 hybrid. The Florida heat is a killer (our workout area is in the garage now that our house size is cut in half), but man do I feel like a Rock Star whenI finish! Look at that sweat! Phew!

I have also learned it great to mix it up. Living in Florida there are so many options for activities. Anywhere you are has options though; hiking, biking, swimming, skiing...there is something for everyone in every area, every climate.

The kids and I have gone on some bike rides...YES, Ice cream may have been involved in the middle of the trip (not everything has to be healthy)!!  I went on a leisurely 8 mile trek last Sunday up the coast. Melina and I are planning on going Kayaking and I want to try Paddle-boarding...the options are endless! 

Find a friend, a group, or even an online community. Be Inspired! 
Just keep moving! 

And if I can help, let me know, because I can always use new inspiration!

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