Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

Here we go again...another year, another state, another new school....

Logan (5th grade), Melina (3rd grade), Meeka (1st grade) and Carson (Kindergaten)

The kids were nervous and excited to start. Its always hard to start a new school. And this school is a little different in the way is laid out; it doesn't have any inside walls. But after meet the teacher day last Friday, they couldn't wait to start!

Carson at his desk on the first day of K
This mama on the other hand had a hard time this year. I sent my baby off to Kindergarten. And YES, I knew the day was coming, but it wasn't going to be this year. I wasn't prepared for it to be this year. But here in Florida I had to send him, so ready or not here we go...yes, there were some tears. In fact I was shaking so bad after dropping everyone off the first day that I had to sit in my car for a few minutes before I could drive home.

Everyone came home all smiles and excited for Day 2, so that makes my heart happy!

And its PRETTY COOL that they get to be together in the SAME SCHOOL for 1 year. The first and only year this will ever happen!!

I have a ton of things to get caught up on, errands to run, cleaning and yard work, but later this week, I plan on sitting down and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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