Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Craft Time

Yesterday after Roller Skating, I was in a crafty mood for some reason. I should have been reading my book club book or cleaning the house or organizing closets or something on my mile long To-Do List…but something inside me was calling me to let it go and just be crafty? Who knows….

We started by making a Crayon Art Picture. This is all over Pintrest and one of the first things I pinned way back when, and I finally got around to try it. 

All the crayons glued on before we started
melting them.
Logan laid out the color scheme and we hot glued then together.

And then we took it to the garage and used the hair dryer to melt the crayons. It only took about 5 minutes and our final project came out great!

Logan decided that he really wants to make one for his teacher. So after school we are having Arts and Crafts time again.
The final product.

 While Logan and I were doing are crayon art, Melina was doing some mosaic art that she got for Christmas from Aunt Shendy.Since the package came with 2 canvases and we have no patients at our house we had to use it RIGHT AWAY to create something else. So we got some painters tape and Logan "taped out" this pattern.
All ready for paint.

Then we were off to the garage again and we spray painted the canvas gold. After 30 minutes we took of the tape and we got this! 

The Final product.
And finally yesterday morning I made these. Again, an idea I saw on Pintrest the other day and I thought, "I can do that!" They turned out Great…I LOVE them. Now I just need to find frames and decide where I am going to put them.
I am so excited to get these hung up!
I love that we will have this info out for the kids to see too!

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