Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Melina has waited and waited and waited to bring home the Surprise Box from school and she finally got it yesterday…she was the very last person to bring it home. The idea is you have to put something in the box (preferably NOT a toy) and then think of 3 clues and take it to school. Then you tell the class your clues and see if they can guess.

Melina loves butterflies, so she wanted to do something with butterflies and since she is my craft girl, we got craft yesterday afternoon. We filled her Surprise Box with Butterflies for the class. It was a lot of fun!!

Making her butterflies

Cheese Ball Butterflies!

Her clues. I helped her come up with the flower one and she came up with the other two on her own.

Her class did guess what was inside, but I don't think they guessed that they would each get one!

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