Monday, January 16, 2012

Roller Skating

I took the kiddos Roller Skating today since they were out of school. We had our ups and downs (literally!) and learned a lot from our first visit to this skate rink. Like NEVER EVER let the skate helpers that you rented for $5.00 leave your eyesight. Both of ours got stolen. Talk about 1 frustrated mama!! And I didn't know that I could walk on the skate rink in shoes and help them. So I paid admission for myself and skate rental, so there is $10 that I didn't need to spend. But oh well, you live and learn. 
Seriously…Have you ever seen anything cuter? 
This is where it started and stopped for Meeka though. She was not so sure about skating. She was very content to watch the disco balls and dance to the music though.

On the other hand Logan and Melina did GREAT! 
Check out these short clips of them skating.

I think we will be back. This was fun! 
When we left Melina said she wants to have a Roller Skating Birthday Party…we'll see about that….

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