Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chores for Change

There are two things I always tell my kids 
(besides sit down and be quiet!).
1. Your Brothers and Sisters are the ones who will always be there for you no matter what.
2. With a family this big we all have to pitch in to make it work. (meaning chores)

My kids do not get paid for chores on a regular basis. They are expected to do certain things, like make their bed and put their clothes in the laundry, etc. If they have an accident they automatically strip their bed and bring the sheets down. When it is their laundry day they bring their basket to the laundry room and then they put away their own folded clothes. We have a "system" for a lot of things, and for us that works. They put their shoes in the basket in the laundry room and hang their coats up on the coat rack before walking into the house. Even Carson knows what to do and does it himself…as much as he can at least.

The kids are also expected to do other chores like feed the cat, take out the recycling and collect the trash to name a few on a as needed basis. They also clean up their own rooms and the playroom.

Both big kids have been collecting change at school. Melina for St. Jude and Logan for Pennies for Patients (kids with Cancer). So instead of giving them money I am having them earn it to give it. And ya know what…they LOVE it!!

Here are some chores that my kids do! I sometimes struggle for more chores to give them, so I would love to hear what chores your kids do. Please share!

  • Put their laundry away (yes you may have to go back and yank open the drawer and put things in a little neater later on, but it is GOOD practice!)
  • Pick out their clothes for the week before they go in their cubbies (I always check them and most of the time have to make some adjustments, but I try to let them wear what they want within reason)
  • Collect the garage from around the house
  • Take the recycling out to the garage
  • Take the recycling bins to the curb
  • Put outgoing mail in the box
  • Go get the mail / newspaper
  • Put away the silverwear from the dishwasher
  • set the table
  • clear the table
  • help cook
  • vacuum (another one where you may have to redo some, but worth the experience)
  • dust
  • clean windows
  • wipe down the bathroom sink
  • pledge baseboards
  • weed
  • water flowers
  • pick ripe veggies (my kids love picking cherry tomatoes in the summer and every day there are always new ripe ones!)
  • feed the pet

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