Friday, February 24, 2012

What do you do….

When you have a day at home with nothing to do? 

We don't often have this, but today we were forced to because my car was in the shop and we don't have another car that will fit our crew. It was nice to have a low key day. We made cookies for my basketball team since tomorrow is the last game. We played doctor, sword fought a lot (we even had a history lesson from Logan while we played Revolutionary War), did some puzzles, and played a little Wii bowling. Carson took a half hour bath by himself, so he got full rein of all the bath toys, which he loved because he usually has to share a bath with someone. 

And the girls got to do something EXTRA FUN! I had been saving this for a snow day bit since i don't think that is in the cards for this winter I decided today would be a GREAT day for this. I pulled out the shaving cream I had been stashing away and game then each a can and said "Have at it!" And they did!!

And of course the girls had swing time!! We LOVE our swings!!!

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