Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dinner Woes

I mentioned before that dinner can be one of the most frusterating times for me. I love cooking and I love the IDEA of family dinner time and catching up on one's day and having a nice civil conversation while everyone actually eats their dinner. BUT, this combination is only possible with 1 child, Logan. But it is possible with 1, so I see the light at the end the tunnel…yes, it is far off in the distance right now, but we will get there I know we will…eventually. 

Carson can not carry on a conversation nor can he eat civilly, so that rules him out completely. Meeka eats pretty well, although she now wants to eat on someone's lap. Not sure what this is about, but defiantly trying NOT to encourage this. Melina can carry on a conversation (mostly…she is my space cadet at times) but she can not eat civilly. She is just not a dinner eater. She can eat breakfast like a champ. Does pretty well at lunch. Does not really snack and still could give or take dinner. So then she sits in her chair and takes 15 minutes to chew one bite (I do NOT exaggerate!!) and plays with her food with her FINGERS and it gets in her hair and she looks around and rolls her head as she crews and chews…..grrrrrr….need I go on?

So last night I came up with what I think is a genius idea (yes, I am probably giving myself more credit than deserved, but it worked…mostly!) I made her wear fleece fuzzy gloves to eat. That way she was forced to use her utensils and not her fingers. And if she used her fingers her gloves would get dirty and her food would get fuzzy. Not fun! So it worked….for the 5 bites and 50 minutes she sat at the table!! 

In the meantime we will keep trying. As piggie would say (from the Piggie and Elephant books), "We will try again. We will try again."

And one other dinner woe. Don't ya hate it when you make a pretty awesome looking dinner and it does not taste as flavorful as you think it is going to?? 

I know I do….

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