Monday, February 27, 2012

Games, games, games

We are a game loving family! I remember playing Candy Land on the coffee table with Logan when he was 3 and Melina was a baby and now Melina plays too and Meeka is also starting to take interest and actually take a turn and follow the rules as well! We played Trouble the other night and it was challenge though to keep Carson off the board and to keep Meeka's attention and patience for the entire game and I kept thinking that I can't wait until everyone can play games. It will be so much FUN! For now we play while the little ones are napping or after they are in bed, but one day
Family Game Night will be BIG in our house.

Some of our favorites right now are:
(They change frequently…as you can see we have A Lot of Games!)

Melina: Zingo, Sequence for Kids, Candy Land, Scavenger Hunt, Silly Faces, Cootie, Scooby Doo Match

Logan: Monopoly, Chess, Trouble, Connect 4, Battleship, Quirkle, Sorry!

We have also had some game fails.
Some failures in my opinion have been: Jump O Frogio (although the little ones think it is hilarious when the frog "jumps"), Honey Bee Tree, Pinkalicious, Ned's Head (But the kids do like this one.)

We have also been enjoying the WII we got as family for Christmas. We really only play WII Resort Sports since their are so many options for games and they all are physical so it keeps the kids loving in the winter! We have had some rousing games of bowling and jousting and basketball!

Melina went through a phase where her puppy Mirabelle
had to play everything with her. And by that I mean Mirabelle
had her own turn even!

We have to take pictures of the monopoly game because we can
not get 1 game in during a nap time since they are epic games.

The kids love the new scavenger hunt game they got for Christmas.
I like that the final round is Captain Cleanup!

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