Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Part 2

Here are our 
Valentine's treats 
we made for today. 

I took a couple of ideas from Pinterest and combined them  with some of my own for the cupcakes.

To make hearts I put a marble in each hole to make in indent.

Then I made cupcake batter and added RED food coloring and SPRINKLES to make them festive!

 Then as they were baking I took a HUG and after 5 minutes put it in the center of each cupcake. They cooked right into the middle for a little SURPRISE! The preschoolers LOVED finding them in the middle today. 

It was pretty cute to watch!!

Melina helped me ice them yesterday.  

And they turned out like this!

Our only problem was when we left school with the 5 that were left the lid was not on tight and they went SPLAT face down on the floor. So the rest of us didn't get to try one! :(

Yesterday we also made 
for Melina's class Valentine's and for all 3 kiddos teachers.

We started with large marshmallows and put them on a lollypop stick. Then we melted RED and PINK chocolate candies. The kids dipped the marshmallows in the chocolate and then dipped 
them in a variety of sprinkles.

Here's how they turned out! 

And here are Melina's Valentine's all finished and ready to give to her classmates! She wrote everyone's name and her own name on all of them! I was very proud of her! (And glad we started early!!)

And Logan wanted Lego Valentine's. So for him we made chocolate Lego Men. 

We melted the chocolate in baggies in the microwave and then cut a small tip and squeezed it into the ice cube tray. Then we out them in the fridge for 7 minutes and out popped the Lego Men!!

The back was not pretty, but check out the front! They turned out great!!

We then out them on his Valentine's that he made with another dab of chocolate!

Logan was worried at first that the other kids would not get the  We leGO Together since the letters were not the same size in the word leGO. But then he decided that his class was pretty smart!

Here are his Valentine's all wrapped up and ready to go to school.

Hope you have a 


  1. AWESOME ideas! Thanks for sharing. Where'd you get the LEGO ice tray?

  2. Thank you. I got the ice cube tray from the Lego Store website. That was a cheapest price.