Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week of Back to School

We are easing in to the school year…with GUSTO! Logan started this week (and so far everything has gone great!); soccer practices for him started this week as well. Next week Melina starts school and soccer and the following week Meeka. Then we add moms morning out, Boy Scouts, dance, church group, cook & swim class, zumba, and we still have Dayton Mamas activities and I have Jr. League. It has been a crazy start though because of all the parent meetings, assessments and planning meetings. As we ease into our roles and schedule this year, I am sure things will calm down.

This week might have been hardest for Carson. Logan and Carson share a special bond. They love each other so much and Logan is like a little dad to Carson. He gets him out of bed and will help him with breakfast. He showers him and is all around a great helper with him. 

This week, Carson kept asking, "Where is Logan?" When I would say, "at school," he would retort back in a sad voice, "Awwwwwww." Kinda broke my heart! One day after school when I was calling Logan's name and Carson was napping, I hear through the monitor, "Logan's at school, Logan's at school." So cute! And you know what is even cuter?…Logan thought the story of Carson missing him was cute! I LOVE the bond my boys have and I hope as they grows it still stays this strong.

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