Monday, August 6, 2012

The day that changed my life…twice!

Tuesday, August 3rd 2004 was a BIG day in my life. It was the due date of my first child and the day I gave birth to my him (that only happens 4 % of the time, so I am told). And then 6 years later on Tuesday, Aug 3rd 2010 we were blessed to have our fourth baby and another boy on that day! The past 8 years have brought so much joy to my life!! And I can not imagine how life would be without either of my boys! 

Happy Birthday Boys!!! 
I Love You!!

Here's how we celebrated their day!

Logan's room was ready for when he woke up!

Carson's room was filled with balloons!

They requested waffles for breakfast!

We went roller skating with friends in the morning!

Carson loves just running around the rink on the skate mates!

 We celebrated Carson's birthday with Car Treats!

We went to Red Robin for lunch where they were serenaded with the Happy Birthday song!

And of course they got Birthday Milk Shakes!!

They opened their presents from Aunt Shendy, Uncle Sergio and Sammy Reese!

Check out the Lego Batman Shirt Aunt Shendy made!

Then we went to Asian Gourmet for dinner

Logan's favorite food is sushi!

After dinner we went home to open gifts.

I don't think he likes it...

And then cupcakes!

I think they enjoyed their day!!!

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