Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Little Swimmer

My little Meeka was clinging to Michael next back in June, scared to jump in the pool. Then she got braver and braver as we went to the pool day after day and by July 4th she was able to jump off the diving board at Grammie's house with her floaties. 

By the end of July she was swimming independently and underwater where she could touch the bottom (2-3ft). And by last week at the beach she started swimming on her own. So today we went to the pool to enjoy the last couple of pool days this season and decided to test out her new "swimming skills." She jumped in at 4 ft and swam across the pool, a couple of times!

So we ventured over to the board, since she has been dying to try to out, as she has watched Logan and Melina all summer. And by golly, she GOT IT! At 3 yrs and 4 months my baby girl is an independent swimmer who can go off the board. And all this without a single lesson! 

Watch for her in Summer 2020!

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