Sunday, August 19, 2012


We spent the past week in Corolla on the Outer Banks for vacation. We have not been to the beach, or anywhere on vacation, since Logan was newly 4 and Melina 15 months, so this was long awaited…

The kids as well as Michael and I had a fantastic time! It was so relaxing wake up and watch the sun rise over the ocean and spend every day on the beach. We rode the waves, made sand castles and took walks at dusk. We could not have asked for a better vacation!

First steps in the ocean.
We drove over night and they woke when we were almost there. We spent some time  the first morning on the beach before we could even get into our house.

Checking out the waves

Melina LOVED to use her boogie board to go out and ride the waves.

Working on their sand castle

The finished product became a crab hotel…or crab graveyard as the week went on!
Melina and Meeka loved to be buried in the sand
Watching the sun rise
And the sun came up

The girls enjoying an early morning walk on the beach

The crew and I on the beach

An evening walk on the beach always turned into everyone being soaking wet!

People watching 

They enjoyed seeing that their castle did not get destroyed overnight!

Pooped after playing hard and swimming
View of our house form the beach

Pool time!

Meeka learned to swim by herself (no floaties!) this week!

Carson being GOOFY in the pool!

Daddy and the kids!
Footprints in the Sand

Saying Goodbye to the Beach on our very last night

Our family vacation
August 2012

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