Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harvest Hoedown

My little cowboy!
I have heard the comment from a lot of people now, "Boy, the south must be a culture shock for you coming from Ohio!" Well, I wouldn't say that, but there are some the fact that its October 26th and we are still wearing shorts instead of winter coats. Another might be that instead of Halloween parties they have I put on my cowboy boots (Ok, I really don't have any boots) and got to work. 

I am so lucky to be able to volunteer for Carson's preschool and the Elementary school. Ya'll know how happy I am be involved! So of course, I loved being able to help plan the hoedown! And it gave me a chance to meet some other great moms too! So much FUN!!

Each child had this place setting

Check out the whole table

I made these little bags for the popcorn

And Rice Krispie Hay Stacks 

And Smores Pops! YUM!!

Enjoying Lunch!

Each class had to come up with a game, our game was horse races

Carson bouncing his way down his lane!

Are they not adorable?!?!

So happy to spend the day with my little man!
(notice I did dress in plaid for the occasion!)

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