Monday, October 20, 2014

Melina's Highlights

 Melina had A LOT going on this past Winter and Spring! 


Melina did competitive dance which took up a lot of time, but was so much fun!
We got up bright and early to get make-up and warm ups on and had to be out the door way before the sun came up on a lot of Saturdays.
Chillin' at Panera between numbers.

Watching the older teams compete before awards
Pom Routine: Biker Chicks

The team won Grand Champions for the Pom routine

Jazz: Hair

End of the Year Banquet.
Posing with all of the trophies the team won!


 Melina's class auditioned to sing the National Anthem at the Dayton Dragons Baseball Game.

They WON!!! And it turned into a BIG DEAL in the school and community. The kids not only sang at the Dragons game on April 4, but at a Beavercreek City School Board Meeting, a City Council Meeting, and the Trebein 5K Founders Race. The kids wrote and published a book about their experiences and being ambassadors. It was a once in a lifetime experience for these kids and something special they will remember for their entire lives!

Auditioning on a Sunday afternoon at the Fairfield Mall
The kids got shirts with Trebein on the front and their last names and
#1 (for 1st grade) on the back.

 TheDragons came to do an assembly at school and the 
kids wrote them a thank you.

Kids on the field on game day!

AND the school ended up selling the MOST tickets to a Dragons game all season and WON $1000!


Formal Dance

Posing with her 100 day of school box; which she filled with 100 hearts

Finishing the 1 mile race!


Melina had a skating party.
It was a combined going away and birthday party and we had 20 something kids!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake from Dairy Queeen

Her Girl Scout friends made her a special book and poem.
The poem is hang in on her wall currently and she takes it down to read it and look at it often.


Melina and her teacher, Ms. Rice

One last group hug before getting in the car and driving South!

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