Sunday, October 19, 2014

Holiday Season

Here are some random pictures from the Holidays!


The kids picked their favorite animals and then
the teacher game them an adjective to describe
their personality...Here is my
Meeka and Hope as Indians

Some cute turkey cookies we made for
Thanksgiving programs at school.


Our Tree and Stockings
We always make some kind of Gingerbread house. This is our village.
Each child decorated 1 house.

I make White Chocolate Chex Mix
(or as a friend calls it, "white trash") as gifts for teachers
and neighbors, etc. The Santa hats are made from caramel bugles...
they are DELICIOUS! 

Melina with her teacher, Ms. Kelly Rice

Melina and her reading group girls wrote a play
which they debuted at  their class Holiday Program.

For the kids class parties we made white chocolate popcorn, with red and green sprinkles, and filled these snowman cups we made with it. Pop on a lid and the kids can take it home easily!

We took a day trip to EnterTRAINment Junction in Cincinnati with cousin Sammy Reese!
Meeka's Class Holiday Program
Christmas Eve
letters to Santa and cookies

Kids waiting to come down and see what Santa
brought! They all are carrying their bags of gifts
for everyone from the Secret Santa Workshop

And the Chaos begins....

And then December 30 Michael left for Alabama

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