Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meeka's Moments

Special moments for Meeka!
             Meeka attended preschool at Memorial Monday - Thursday mornings.

 Fridays were FUN DAY! 
We hung out with friends and did cool things!
Once a month we went roller skating...she is GREAT at skating!!

 She played Basketball with her friend Ella....
Like the boots on the court?!?!

Photo booth at the end of the year Basketball Ceremony

She may not have worn a tiara EVERY DAY, but she is still a Princess at heart!
She wore quite a few gowns to schools.

Wednesday afternoons were Meeka and Mommy time. 
We went shopping, got our nails done
and had FUN together, just the two of us.

Watching the fish at the Arboretum

                        Happy Birthday!
Meeka is the QUEEN of Sweets, so we celebrated with  none other than a Sweet Treats Party!!

Follow the candy path to the party!

The Treats! 
(and some healthy things too!)

The Cake!

The girls decorated cupcakes...
this is before the icing!! 

The sweet girls!


The final products...YUM!

 School Fun!
The Reptile Man brought a HUGE snake

Olympics Day

Balloon toss with Abby

The final day of school!
She has "graduated to big school!"

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