Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 20 already!

Day 20- Temples.

CAN NOT believe we are on Day 20 and Christmas is in 5 more days!! 


At least I feel good about gifts and that we are done shopping and almost done wrapping.

The kids are now done with school...today was their last day. Melina did some caroling for the parents, but I was to busy with the little kids on my lap to get any pictures. Logan watched 2 movies at school. I guess as long as it counts towards the 180 days. I have to admit these were my favorite days at school too!

I did some shopping at the mall (my first trip to the mall this holiday season) and it was not crowded at all. I actually bought myself a couple of things...and it felt good. All my hard work at 5am is paying off!

Meeka painting.
Carson thinking, "how can I get my
hands on that!"

In other random news Meeka is now in love with painting. It is very cute and she is very intense for about 20 minutes or so, which is a long time, but the mess and trying to keep Carson from the mess....need I go on. 

And speaking of Carson, his new thing is closing doors, which is great until he locks the cat from his food or liter or locks himself in somewhere. Then he gets resourceful and finds things to put in front of the door to stand on to reach the knob even better; but that makes it hard to get in to get him. Its always an adventure at our house.

And tonight we hit a milestone! We now have 2 kids that have said that they hate us. I know you are all jealous! Melina Jo had an epic MELTDOWN like never before; over eating her dinner. It started out as annoying, but somewhere along the line it turned comical and Michael and I found ourselves just laughing. Within 10 min of going to her room she was asleep though. And then Carson started...so we put him to bed too. And now time for the next 2.... good night!

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