Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Weekend in Review

We had busy times and relaxing times this weekend...what a perfect combo for 2 days off of the normal routine! I started Saturday morning by heading to the Elementary School where I wrapped presents at the Secret Santa holiday shop for a couple hours. It was a blast listening to the kids tell me about their family and their purchases and what they wanted for Christmas. After wrapping gifts I went and got Logan and Melina and took them to go shopping. They exited with very BIG smiles saying they had a GREAT time shopping.  After shopping they made some puppets and then got to sit on Santa's lap.

What a FUN experience for them!!

This is Day 3 of Truth in the Tinsel. They made Zachariah's with Band-Aid's over his mouth since he could not speak because he did not believe Gabriel.

Saturday night we took the kiddos to Woodland Lights. It was a 1/2 mile trail of lights though the woods. We had a nice relaxing stroll since it was only 50 degrees last night.

This is Day 4 of Truth in the Tinsel. We made the Angel Gabriel.
 After Lunch at Roosters for CHEAT DAY, we played Star Wars Monopoly. This was the first experience for Monopoly for the kids. Logan LOVED it! Melina, was a bit bored.

After game time the little kids were up and we had some Boy Scout Popcorn and watch football for a bit. Now the kids are in the basement fighting over the "correct" way to play doggies....ahhhh, the joys!!!

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