Monday, December 12, 2011

My little dancer!! (and day 12)

Melina is taking Creative Movement for the first time this year and she is IN LOVE!!! In fact her teacher told me last week that she could do ballet with the older kids because she is so good and remembers everything. She has been dancing this dance around the house lately. It is too cute!!

Day 12 of Truth in the Tinsel. 
We are half way done. I can not believe it is only 12 more days until Christmas Eve! WOW!!! Today's lesson was fun to talk about with the kids. We talked about how Mary and Joseph had to travel back to their hometown to be counted; which led to us talking about where our family would have to go. Meeka and Carson would be the only 2 traveling together. Everyone else was born in different cities; and Melina and I different states. So today we died some rice, which represented all the travelers and then we out some faces on pebbles and put those in the jar too. Those were Mary and Joseph, who stood out as special among all the people.

Logan's people

Melina's people

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