Monday, December 19, 2011

Days 17, 18 & 19

This was a pretty relaxed and laid back weekend. Not tons of running, or really anything. We got to watch the Ohio Bobcats win their first ever bowl game. We got presents wrapped and some baking done, but all on a leisurely pace. It was nice to slow down and take it easy. This morning Michael and I were looking at each other saying, "its almost boring to have nothing to do." Then we thought, what would we tell the kids.... "look at all this stuff you have to do!" And we laughed!!

Day 17
We made sheep and talked about the Sheppards and how the Angel of the Lord appeared to them.

On Saturday afternoon we went to see the Nutcracker Ballet with Logan and Melina. They were both so excited to see the show! We took them to lunch first and then over to the theatre. Melina ended up sleeping through most of Act 1. Logan on the other hand was on the edge of his seat the entire time! Defiantly a fun afternoon with the kids. This was their first "Big" show.

On Sunday Michael took Logan out for Boys Days. They went shopping and had lunch at Asian Gourmet. Logan ate 2 rolls of sushi and LOVED them! So we missed our Day 18, so we did 18 & 19 together on Monday. 

Day 18 
We made Angels.

Day 19
We made Shepperds. Their arms are up on the air praising God.

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