Monday, March 5, 2012

The Challenge

Last week we wrote down our house rules and we have been talking about them every since. But before we wrote those down earlier last week I implemented a "Challenge" that I made up to Logan and Melina which call,

"Compliment, Don't Comment!"

I don't remember how we started on the conversation, but at breakfast one day we were talking about the difference between the two words. I decided, I liked this topic and I have been reminding them for the past week to give compliments to people, and not just say something to say something. I am reminding them how compliments make people feel and how they can change others attitudes and their own through kind words and actions. 

I have been putting notes in Logan's lunchbox to this effect, so that he remembers in the middle of the day. And I remind the kids before they head out for school in the morning and throughout the day. Kids will be kids, and they will always fight between siblings and say things you just have to roll your eyes at…or discipline them for, but I figure the more I can put this into their heads the more natural it will become and some day it will all "click."

I am thinking of starting a kindness or compliment journal, but I still have to think of how I want to do it to be effective and easy. Any suggestions?

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  1. What if you do a Post It journal? Get a stack of colorful Post Its and every day write down a compliment you gave someone, someone gave you, or you gave yourself. Date it and stick the Post It on your mirror or fridge (somewhere you'll see it a lot) for the day and then the next day change it out with a new one. You can put the "old" ones in a notebook or shoebox. You could even do a recap at the end of the month and post all the compliments exchanged as a blog post so you could pass the goodness on. Just an idea...