Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Party!!

This morning was the Dayton Mamas Easter Party. These are a lot of work, although I have it down to a pretty good science now and I have GREAT people who are willing to help, but the are soooo much FUN!! The kids really enjoy themselves and it makes it all worth it! We had a blast this morning. You can see from the pictures how much FUN we had!

Our Easter Treat we made to share!

Happy Easter!!!
Melina loved the Bunny right from the start!

Once I showed Carson what to do with the eggs, he was set!
He loved finding eggs!!

He put them in his bag. And would not let you go the bag! :)

At the beginning of the party Meeka would not even be
on the same side of the room as the bunny. By then end…
well you can see! (And yes we know…Crack kills! )

Fun and Games!
They played the limbo, bunny hop, Macarena and more!

More fun and games with the parachute and balloons!
Melina was busy inspecting her eggs as she got them!

Logan and his good friend Carl show off their eggs!

Family Photo, plus 1 ! :)

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