Saturday, April 28, 2012

Consignment Sale

I hit the JACKPOT!

I got almost all of my kids a summer wardrobe in one fail swoop last night…at a consignment sale.

Yes, thats right I got piles and piles of clothes shoes and accesories (some even new!) and most everything Gymboree or Gap or a some name brand. I even picked up a full set of 30 level 1 and 2 early reader Scooby Doo books on my way to the checkout!

I did not have the time, or motivation to price and get all my stuff to a sale this Spring, but I was able to work 2 hours yesterday morning  (with free childcare for 3 rascals!) setting up for this sale and in return I got to shop at the pre-sale. This is the way to go!!! I helped put out clothes for the sizes I was looking for so I had an idea of what was there and where it was. Then I got to go shop last night without the crowds, the shoving, the pushing, the waiting in line... It was GREAT!

I am telling you with 4 kiddos who LOVE to play outside and do arts and crafts, this is the only way to go. Then if they ruin something, oh well…. No sweat.

Let them play and have fun and look cute doing it!

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