Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Livin' in the 'hood

A Neighborhood that is…and one with lot of kids, can be a blessing and a curse. I LOVE that my kids have kids to play with. And I love that they are always outside playing games and sports, not sitting and watching TV or playing video games (not that they don't do that too occasionally). For example yesterday we had 10 kids here (from 3 - 6th grade) and they were playing "hotel." They had a restaurant and rooms and a cash register and workers and guests. The whole shebang! It was kind of fun to just be around and listen to what they were playing. BUT on the other hand, are there things my kids are learning from being around "big kids"…Absolutely! And I am always happy with what I hear…like my 4 year old saying, "I'm sexy and I know it!"…NOPE. But for the most part all the kids are good kids. I just have to make sure I listen and talk with my kids regarding what they are hearing or saying. For some reason, one that I have yet to fully figure out, they always play at my house. Am I just the neighborhood sucker? Maybe, but in a way I like being the neighborhood sucker. I get to hear what is going on. On the other hand there are days where I want to put an invisible electric fence at the street and just watch the kids get shocked as they try to come ring the bell. Like homework time…My rule is that all homework and reading is done before going out to play, especially now that we have sports almost every night. Logan gets home at 2:13 pm, so there is plenty of time for both. But at times our doorbell is ringing at 2:15. And when we say Logan will be out when he is done they hang out in our driveway, or our garage, and wait and then come back and ring the bell 7 minutes later asking if he can play yet….I said, "He'll be out when he's done!!!" It drives me nuts. And it does not make for good concentration on Logan's part either when he hears and knows there are kids right outside. But would I give it up…Nope! There are so many lessons to be learned while playing pretend games of hotel, pickup baseball and riding bikes on the street. Thats childhood, right? The good old fashion kind…and I like it…even if I do want to pull out my hair at times as I am cleaning my house for the umpteenth time after having a million kids traipse through it or the doorbell is ringing 6 times a day. I love liven' in the hood and I think my kids do too!

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