Saturday, May 5, 2012

Herb Garden

We have been working for weeks on what will be our new garden. While we still have work to do to get that finished, yesterday Melina and I planted our Herb Garden. We shopped for some new plants and we painted some cute little signs. I even used the drill to drill holes and hang the big sign with ribbon. I am thinking of a couple more creative ideas to add some more color, but this is where we are so far…and where it may stay for now... just depends on how much time I have. I really need to get cracking to finish up our Veggie Garden…I can just taste the fresh tomatoes….

The whole garden.
(you can see the beginnings of our garden in the background)

Side 1
(we had some of these from last year, so they are bigger)

Side 2
(And these are all new plants)

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