Friday, May 4, 2012

Preschool Moms Day Luncheon

The two of use before lunch.

Moms Day Luncheon 

Today I had lunch with Melina at her school for Mothers Day!

She has been working hard on secret Mothers Day project for weeks and I have heard her around the house practicing her songs.

I had a WONDERFUL time spending an hour with just my big girl! She sure is growing up fast and I am so proud of her!

When we got there, she gave me a gift and welcomed me to lunch and escorted me to the picture chair and then to our table. 

Here's what she had to say about me.

Here is her Poem to Me about why I am special.

Funny how she "Keeps it real and tells it like it is"

This is where you learn things about yourself…kids are as honest as they come…unless they think they will get in trouble. 

But we need to work on how old I am…making me younger is one thing, but older…where are her manners? As a girl she'll understand one day! ;)
All of her creations and gifts!

All of the beautify things she made for me.

Mom sign
A pin
A jewelry box
A bag of kisses
A picture of her
Singing their little hearts out!

All kids sang such cute Mothers Day songs to tunes of other kids songs.

At the end of one song Melina learned over and audiblly correct the girl next to her on what the words of the song were…oppps. Made me cringe and smile at the same time.

What a great hour out of my day! The teachers and kids worked hard to create a memorable luncheon!


  1. So sweet! The age thing is hilarious. :) I love that photo of the two of you looking so happy and beautiful.

  2. Thanks Heather!! And I really need to work on, "Mommy is 29"!" :)