Thursday, May 24, 2012

The End of an Era

My girl is no longer a Preschooler.

And I have mixed emotions about that.

Last day of Preschool
May '12
I am happy for her as she will embark on a FUN new journey into the world of "big kid" school, but sad that she is growing up so fast. She only had 1 year of preschool, so it was a quick journey for us through the world of preschool, but it was a GREAT one!!

Ist day of Preschool
Sept '11

The last week of school was filled with FUN for her and her class


Water Ballon Toss

POP the balloon!

Water Relay!

Tug of War!


Then Melina got the Surprise Box the last week of school. So we filled it with this little treat we made for her classmates. (Thanks Allison for the inspiration!)


And since her birthday is this week,
we made these pink butterfly cookies for her class!


On the last day they had a "Year in Review" program.
Very cute!!


We made flower pots for her teacher

She picked out the flowers and planted them herself.

Melina and her WONDERFUL teachers!!!

Now its off to Kindergarten!

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