Thursday, May 3, 2012

Star of the Week!

Logan is
at school!

He filled in this poster over the weekend (his goal was to be the most colorful one anyone had every done in his class) and he got to bring his some photos to share and his favorite book on Monday. 

Here is what the poster says about Logan:

Fascinating Facts About Me!

I am 7 yrs old
My birthday is Aug 3
I live in Beavercreek
I am in 1st grade
My teacher is The Amazing Mrs. Kidd
I go to school by bus
The members of my family are: mom, dad, me, Melina, Meeka and Carson
When I grow up I want to be a football player

I am a STAR because: I know a lot of stuff

These are a few of my Favorite Things!

colors: blue and green
animal: cat 
food: watermelon
book: series Magic Bicycle
sport: soccer
thing in school: math
to do at home: play with friends

I show I care by Helping

3 Super Cool Facts about yourself

1. I have a room full of legos
2. I have a bookslelf under my bed
3. I play soccer, flag football and am in Cub Scouts

On Wednesday Michael went into school and go to eat lunch with him. He took him Subway to lunch and he chose 2 friends to eat with him and Michael. He choose a new friend and someone who he doesn't hang out with much, just because he doesn't spend a lot of time with them. Interesting, but I also find it kinda sweet!

And finally he tops off the week by bringing in a special treat of his choice tomorrow…so we made Star Wars Cookies!

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