Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids Rooms

For a week now we have been in transition as we moved kids rooms. Melina moved into the room that Meeka and Carson had been sharing and Carson moved into Melina's room. 

It was a lot more work than I had anticipated. I finally finished tonight though and I am sooo releived. The feeling of not being "settled" drives me NUTS! So now I can sleep tight tonight knowing that Carson no longer has pink curtains and the girls clothes all fit in the closet!

Carson's New Room!

I found some cool wooden signs at Home Goods!
(shhh, don't tell Michael I have been shopping at Home Goods!)

Vintage Metal Car
These pictures were Logan's from when he was little.

Logan made this for Carson.
(I had to let go of my OCD and let him do it hits way!)
Sure turned out CUTE huh?
Logan and Melina put these on the wall for him.
Again, a good test of letting it go and letting them help!
They were so proud of how it turned out!

Carson loved this vintage airplane we hung in his room!

 Meeka and Melina's New Room!

The Closet.
It all fits!

Meeka got a new vanity for her birthday.
She LOVES it!!!

Melina has the top bunk.

Meeka has the bottom.

Bookshelf and hair stuff.

Toys, toys, toys!
Everyone LOVES their new rooms!!!

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